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  "Magic Screensaver Master" introduction:

Magic Screensaver Master is a program that can manage your screensaver behaviour. Just by positioning your mouse to a specific area on the screen (upper right corner) you can start your screensaver, disable screensaver, turn off monitor, log off, restart computer, or shut down the computer. User can customize the activation field (mouse sensitivity for actions) and the delay before each section is launched.

Version 3 is a bug fixing release.

CNet Review:

This straightforward application lets you perform one of six predetermined actions, simply by moving the mouse pointer to a specific corner of your screen.

Magic Screensaver docks in your system tray, and its main settings window is easily accessed. Four drop-down boxes represent the four corners of your screen, and you can assign a different action to each corner, including turning off your monitor, initiating a shutdown, and restarting your computer.

Magic Screensaver immediately executed assigned tasks in our tests, although it took a little time getting used to the new onscreen functionality. To make it easier to find the activation hotspots, you can increase the sensitivity of each corner and set the delay of actions. However, these settings are not presented in a user-friendly manner; sensitivity is set using pixels and the delay is set in milliseconds.

Although you may have to play around with the settings, Magic Screensaver Master offers a nice alternative for quickly initiating common tasks.

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