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  "Magic Mirror Kaleidoscope Screensaver" introduction:

Magic Mirror is a screensaver that operates as a true kaleidoscope, taking ordinary pictures and creating full-screen moving kaleidoscope images from them. It comes with 55 specially-selected pictures, and can also use ordinary Windows BMP files. As a screensaver, Magic Mirror lets you select the number of reflections, the camera magnification, and the mirror movement pattern, or let the program choose randomly. Other features include a split screen mode that shows the starting picture and moving mirrors simultaneously with the kaleidoscope image, and sound effects (use the included wind-chime sounds, or select any MIDI music files).

The program can also be used like a versatile toy kaleidoscope. Let the mirrors swing randomly around or move them with the arrow keys, and save the images you like to disk.

"The Very Best Available!"

Summary: This program does kaleidoscopes of kaledioscopes! The image capture feature and use of personal images makes it an incredible art generator. I have wowed 100's of people with it. The only criticsm is that it takes some doing to detach it and make ...

"Something worth trying"

Summary: This is an interesting screensaver. On one side you can make is so that it shows the object the kaleidoscope is going over. On the other side is the image as if you were looking at it through the kaleidoscope. This is not something you will keep for...

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