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  "Magic Lake Screensaver" introduction:

Magic Lake Screensaver shows a beautiful lake that flows between narrow cliffs, a stork sleeping in the water, clouds that change quickly, and birds that fly around.You can control the sound and the flash options.

CNet Review:

This screensaver is magic, if by magic you mean a complete disconnect in perspective between sea and sky. Magic Lake Screensaver downloads easily and based on Flash animation, launches without problem. It is a fantastical scene of a glassy puddle with a lonely flamingo flanked by two wind- and water-swept hills that are as garishly orange as the flamingo is petulantly pink. The wind seems to be blowing directly from your keyboard due north, taking the fleecy clouds with it. The flamingo checks you out every once in a while, and a flock of undistinguishable black birds fly forever east. There is little to customize in Magic Lake Screensaver, aside from Flash size and overall quality. For those seeking an effective procrastination meditation, ponder: what is the flamingo thinking?

"5 stars: I can't recommend this product highly enough!!!"

This is a nice simple screensaver!!!

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