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  "MHF PC Controller - English version" introduction:

Software that permits you to control your computer by e-mail instructions. It does the following tasks: Send files to the e-mail that asked for it; Run, delete, rename files; Shutdown, restart the PC; Logoff; Sleep; Activates the screensaver; Screen capture; Folder creation; Terminate tasks; Confirms instructions receiving; You can use your cell phone technology to access your residence or work computer with speed and security by e-mail.

All the processes are executed with password protection. The password is specified by the user. Using example: The software is running in your residence computer, you are on your work and you need some file that is stored in your residence computer. You simply send an e-mail containing an instruction like send(C:/My files/Document.doc) elefant (elefant is the password) and the software will send the file to you attached to an e-mail after receiving the instruction.

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