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"Louisiana Bikini Team 2003 Screensaver" introduction:

The Louisiana Bikini Team 2003 screensaver features high resolution images of the team members. Over 100 display options. The highest quality photography and our beautiful team models create a screensaver that is hard to ignore.

CNet Review:

This screensaver features photos of the so-called Louisiana Bikini Team, an appealing bunch of southerners engaged in the dangerous sport of bikini wearing.

However, there are only four photos in the initial mix. The screensaver allows users to change the delay between images, choose between transition effects, and set the speed at which they change. Any image can be used as wallpaper on the computer's desktop. No soundtrack is included, and the software displays a registration reminder every time it starts, urging users to pay $8 to unlock new pictures. There are many other screensavers that offer more photos and options, but any aficionado of bikini photos may nevertheless want to give it a look.

"Wow, this is what I ment by bikini screensaver!"

Summary: I have spent the better half of this morning downloading all the different bikini screensavers dwnload offered. Out of all of them this one has the best looking women. Hell It's got me thinking of moving to Louisiana. This is a must download.

"great bods"

Summary: these girls have nice cans on them

"You will not be able to ignore this one"

Summary: I downloaded the trail a few weeks ago. Outstanding! I just registered my copy and wow, all the photos are great and high quality. Well worth the 8 dollars. No spyware attached, I checked.

"Bikini girls"

Summary: It is not that good. Limited time to use it then you pay 8.00 dollars. So it sucks! good day cnet.

"Awesome Design & Hot Models"

Summary: Finally, a screensaver with gorgeous models and great design.Easy to install and no spyware. Worth the $8 for the extra pics. I love having this on my computer

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet