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  "LavaLamp3D" introduction:

LavaLamp3D is a one-of-a-kind screensaver and desktop toy that doesn't just play a boring video loop--it actually simulates and renders a virtual lava lamp in real time, with magical results. LavaLamp3D will provide hours of enjoyment and will never do the same thing twice. User-friendly controls allow you to customize the colors, behaviors, and other aspects of the lava lamp.

CNet Review:

An extremely strong feature set boosts what would otherwise be an average screensaver. As you're likely to surmise from its title, this program places a virtual lava lamp on your desktop. In terms of design, the actual lamp itself looks fairly nice, although we wouldn't call it especially realistic. Still, LavaLamp3D more than makes up for its graphics and lack of sound with its enormous amount of user-customization options. You can choose lava style and adjust its movement by tweaking the frame rate, the buoyancy, the surface tension, the viscosity, and the cooling rate. Sliders let you fine-tune the color, saturation, and brightness of the lava particles, the liquid, the lamp, and the background. You can even have the lamp move left to right to further prevent screen damage. We might say we find the 10-day trial period a bit short, but that's a much better arrangement than the adware many screensavers force you to swallow. Anyone who values precise control over their screensaver's appearance will likely be enamored of LavaLamp 3D.

"It's OK"

Summary: Now for an opinion from someone not associated with the developers of this program:

This is kind of cheesy. The graphics are very early 90's. I must say, the customization you can do to your lava lamp is EXCELLENT. However, the graph...

"The screenshots donĀ?t to do it justice, download the demo."

"Fun to watch!"

"Wounderful visual nutrients"

Summary: I appreciated the publisher's good job in the real-time particle simulation. After smooth installation, I had a gougous lava lamp fill my desktop. The screensaver offers much more than what a real laval lamp could do. Numerous settings not only let ...

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