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  "Lattice Screensaver" introduction:

Fly through an endless world of linked rings in this screensaver. In the settings you can choose from several textures for the rings and alter the complexity of the lattice structure. You even can choose sprinkled doughnuts over which even Homer Simpson's mouth would water.

CNet Review:

Despite its repetitiveness, the Lattice Screensaver's pleasing aesthetics and lack of adware make it a nice choice. This graphically impressive, highly colorful desktop decorator shows a multitude of linked rings flying across your screen. However, some users may be baffled by the installation process unless they read the help file, since you must manually copy the program's SCR file into your Windows system folder. We can't argue with this screensaver's feature set, which lets you customize color depth, camera angle, and ring thickness, density, and speed. However, we eventually tired of simply watching moving rings over and over again. But since it doesn't sneak adware onto your machine the way many screensavers do, we can recommend this program to the majority of users.

"bad link"

Summary: cood not get download:(

"Another Great One!"

Summary: Just when I thought I'd never find any good screen savers, I find all of these. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Beauty and smooth animation. I've not downloaded the rest yet, but I can safely say they will be awsome as well!

"Runs very slow - changing options is also slow"

Summary: Settings took a long time to alter. I have a pentium 4 1.6G, frame transitions are very poor and slow.

"entrancing, customizable and just plain trippy"

Summary: you can play with the options all day to make something you like - I dig it.

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