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  "Land of Mystical Moonlight" introduction:

Free magical theme featuring a moonlit 3D land where fairies and gargoiles come out at night. Includes animated cursors, extra icons, webviews, startup/ shutdown/ wait logos and mpeg layer3 sounds. BONUS... Mystical Moonlight Screensaver Trial included.

"Land of Mystical Moonlight not worth it"

It has music on it that is nice but will put you to sleep.

It is cheesy as someone else has already stated. One background with a few graphics of fairies and gargoyles (not graphics made by the same artist) floating around up and down and across and that's it. Zzzzzzz Not worth the download.


None I could find...

Tacky, badly drawn piccy. Desktop icon for 'My Documents' folder almost invisible against the desktops background colour.


It looks nice at first glance.

However, as you look at the detail, you realize that it looks like it was done in a rush. Download.com offers it for free, but after 7 days, the program says it wants a $4.99 registration fee. The color palette doesn't exactly work well together. I had to change my windows box appearances so I could read it. As I discovered these issues, I uninstalled the artist/author's other SS I downloaded. It's really not worth the hassle.

"Beautiful graphics and music, runs well on Windows XP"

Screensaver is absolutely beautiful for a minimal fee. Its definetly worth the money. The whole theme overall is great.

The gargoyle sounds can be a wee bit too loud and in my opinion it doesn't fit the whole theme. I think they should have just left the harp music. That's the only downside if you would consider that a downside.

"ok types"

nice pointer animation

cheezy screensaver........suks man

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