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  "Lake Queen" introduction:

A gorgeous lake guarded by its dark beautiful mermaid queen. Watch her enjoy the music after the meal, wishing you were there. Featuring "Nyah" by Hans Zimmer.

CNet Review:

Another creative screensaver from artist Salah Al Sammack, this download depicts a lovely mermaid sunbathing after a good meal of what seems to have been an unlucky fisherman. A radio nearby helps her digest, contributing to the otherwise romantic mountain setting. The animation is smooth, and the background itself quite beautiful. Users are given little control, with the ability only to mute the sound and prevent mouse movements from stopping the screensaver. Certain to make passersby do a double-take when they see it, this screensaver is well-suited to those who like their beauty wrapped in a dark lining.

"My computer is new and running perfectly - i could not get the mermaid to move."

Pretty country and lake

nothing happens she just sits there

"shocking sight"

ewwwwwwwwwwwww maybe the music

she ate a human and her stomach moves up and down

Summary: traumatizing, i would have liked a warning first

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