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  "Kukuxumusu Kaput" introduction:

After the underwater bull-running screensaver, Kukuxumusu once again comes up with a stunning new screensaver inspired by the classic simulated star field from Windows. This time there is a deluge of dozens of sheep hanging in space and the user gets the sensation he is navigating among them all.

CNet Review:

This awkwardly named free screensaver might be good for a quick chuckle, but a number of problems limit its long-term appeal. You'd never guess it from the name, but Kukuxumusu Kaput barrages your screen with a steady stream of cartoon sheep. At first, it's funny to watch the kookily drawn sheeps' deranged expressions as they fly to the front of your monitor. But since the program lacks any sort of real user-customization options, many users may soon tire of the repetitive action. The lone feature is a box for disabling the sound, but even when we left it unchecked, we didn't hear a peep. If you're collecting free screensavers, you might as well add this one to the pile, as long as you don't rely on it as your only option.

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