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  "Interactive Dali Screensaver Lite" introduction:

This is a lite version of Interactive Dali Screensaver. Interactive Dali Screensaver Lite is a new original toy. Screensaver based on world famous Dali canvas "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate One Second Before Awakening". The full version includes 33 pre-defined mixes and "Editor mode" (press [Pause/Break] key) that allows you to change original painting. Using your imagination and playing with objects, you can create your own Dali-like state-of-art pictures. After saving your pictures you can use it as a default screensaver.

"Cute but not the dream I was hoping for"

The classic painting is "remixed" into new interpretations using the same object materials. It was a quality presentation and nice to watch.

Personal preference--For a free version I would prefer a few of Dali's classics in a slideshow with an option to view the "remix". The "remix" alone is interesting but not enough to warrant keeping it on my desktop.

"it really is not free"

i like dali, he is awesome and it is kinda cool to see his paintings on my computer screen.

in order to get the interactive part you must download(which creates a second dali screan saver which really is the same as before, it doesnt work) and purchace to make it work. BOO!

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