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  "Instant Chess Screen Saver" introduction:

Instant Chess Screen Saver shows live chess games between humans. The real-time show is provided by the well-known chess playing service InstantChess.com, where you also can play online.

CNet Review:

This no-nonsense screensaver should appeal to its target audience, despite its primitive graphics and small feature set. Instant Chess Screen Saver displays randomly chosen live matches between players on the InstantChess.com Web site. Although that doesn't sound very exciting, the screensaver provides more action than you'd think, as games move at a rapid pace. The graphics are nothing to write home about, although the ticking of the chess clock adds a touch of realism. You can disable the sounds and change the color of the game board, but that's where the customization options end. However, since it is free and doesn't serve up adware, we can recommend this screensaver to hard-core chess enthusiasts.

"Great value for the chess enthusiast!"

Very pleasing graphic display, of a very popular game in live action. A fresh new game is randomly selected at the completion of each chess game.

Lacks a display of sponsorship (the label / logo 'instantchess.com' is absent). If the sponsoring site fails due to lack of membership, support for this download will also fail.

"Nice interface, good chess content for a screensaver."

User controlled board color and sound on/off options. Great idea to have live chess content on a screensaver... Guarantees a "fresh" view.

"Good Fun"

Good for all chess nuts, better than the usual screensaver

slows my computer down a bit

"Very innovative!!!"

This is for all chess maniacs in all over the world.Perfect design and very innovative screensaver.

"excellent screensaver for chess enthusiasts"

Summary: One of my favorite screensavers. Allows some color selections. Nice to watch games between rated players at all speeds. Shows the players handles and country of origen plus their ratings. Download was easy.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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