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"HyperCurve" introduction:

Rainbow curves and kaleidoscopes swirl about the screen, changing color as they go, and gently fading into the background. The antialiased pens can be any width, and the fading can be short or prolonged, allowing you to have moving curves, ethereal cobwebby structures, or moire patterns--in short there is no limit to the variety of unpredictable but beautiful images HyperCurve will create. You can control just about everything in detail, or let the computer vary it randomly.

"Trial too limited, who'd pay for screensavers?"

It's interesting and fun to watch

Trial is too limited (I feel you should be able to define which modes you want and don't want...if they want a good way to make people pay they could make this trialware instead of feature limited, makes more sense since screensavers are already much more feature limited by nature then regular applications)...and who in their right mind would pay for a screensaver anyways?

"i have never heard of it"

Summary: i don't use it

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