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  "Hubbleâ??s Hot 100 Part 4" introduction:

If you thought the earth was beautiful, youâ??ll find whatâ??s out there in the great beyond even better. Hubbleâ??s Hot 100 is a series of 5 screensavers each showing 20 of the top 100 images taken from the Hubble Telescope. These absolutely breathtaking images are some of the most beautiful space photography ever taken. Slip away and imagine yourself charting the galaxy without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Hubbleâ??s Hot 100 is a look at some of the most beautiful locations in the galaxy, captured by the Hubble Telescope. Hubbleâ??s Hot 100 is a free screensaver created by RateMyScreensaver.com containing 20 high quality photographs.

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