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"Hubble Screensaver Collection 2" introduction:

In our second collection of some of the greatest images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, images include stars, galaxies, nebula, and other deep-sky objects. More than 70 images are included.

CNet Review:

If you like pictures of nebulas, you'll really like Hubble Screensaver Collection 2. The screensaver features many professional-quality images with captions that describe the celestial denizens pictured. The installation ends with the option to set the program as the default screensaver and to launch the Display control panel's Screen Saver tab. Customizable settings include the ability to pick transition effects and to select actions that interrupt the screensaver. Despite the option to mute background sounds, the program doesn't come with a soundtrack. We wished we could set how long the images displayed, since the pictures linger for at least 25 seconds. Also, the random order sometimes results in seeing the same image twice in a row. Nonetheless, outer-space enthusiasts should enjoy the otherworldly beauty of the images in Hubble Screensaver Collection 2.


Summary: This screen saver actually stopped traffic in the hallway outside my office. Everyone wanted to see the fantastic pictures from Hubble.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet

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