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"HomelessPool Screensaver" introduction:

A rich beautiful woman relaxing in her high-tech swimming pool, wondering how it is to be poor and homeless as illustrated by Avril Lavigne in her video clip "Nobody's Home". This Screensaver features Avril Lavigne's video clip "Nobody's Home" in a totally compressed solution. Furthermore, the lyrics are displayed along with the music in the beautiful woman's high-tech digital system. The floating bed is also digitalized to match the video. Flowers and plants move with the breeze of wind as well as the swimming pool's water.


Out of the norm. Great idea.

Movie playing is a bit grainy and the song isn't up to MetalTear.coms sound quality.

"Beautiful graphics overall, but not flawless"

Lovely graphics, I really enjoyed watching it and thought it was really cool.

Once it was over, it just replayed the same thing over and over and over, this will get annoying fast and I will probably start to hate that avril song. the music sounded a bit scratchy and not clean.

"this is good"

i need good and v good

dear pl send

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