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  "Holiday Lights" introduction:

Holiday Lights decorates your computer for the holidays. It shows a string of colorful lights around the edge of your screen and plays background music if you wish. You can choose from more than 40 bulbs suitable for any season, including standard Christmas tree lights, chili peppers, stockings, holly, snowmen, happy faces, Valentine's Day hearts, Thanksgiving turkeys, and Halloween jack-o'-lanterns. You have the option to add more bulbs and music. The colorful lights can flash on your desktop while you work, act as a screensaver, or both.

CNet Review:

Except for minor stability issues, this is the standard against which all holiday screensavers should be measured. Holiday Lights lets you string bulbs all around your screen, even on top of the program windows if you'd like. You can customize madly--bulbs for holidays year-round, MIDI songs, blinking patterns--and save your settings as a desktop theme. The screensaver options offer just as much choice. To change the sequence of bulbs, you just drag and drop from a list into border boxes. Clicking on the system-tray icon lets you close, uninstall, or open the preferences window. The quality of the MIDI music is even cheesier than the candy-colored spinning dreidel bulbs, and we noticed the bulbs occasionally disappearing from our screen. The animation also freezes for a second when a new song starts. Considering that Holiday Lights provides genuinely festive and extensively customizable fun throughout the year, it earns its keep.


I'm totally stunned by the success of this software, really.

Don't see what's so amazing in that one.

Come on tell me you love Matrix, Earthview or the Fish School aquarium... but what's the point with HollidayLight5.4 ?

If only it was free...

"Nice cheesy 'old school' desktop addition. Uses very little system resources."

Holiday Lights is a simple, easy to configure desktop addition that uses a small amount of system resources (by today's standards) and it looks cool.

Rather cheesy midi music that comes with the product but you don't have to use the music and you can add your own to replace it if you like or you can do as I do and not use any music.


It has Christmas Carols and nice Christmas bulb light all around your screen!

It could be imporved with the designd of new modern lighting items.

"Brightens up the computer"

The decorations are nice

Music needs a lot of improvement and lights became distracting after a while.

"thought it was free"

very good software program

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