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  "Holding Pattern Screensaver" introduction:

Holding Pattern turns your idle computer screen into an airplane window, complete with a moving aerial view. Each time it plays, the screensaver creates a unique flight sequence. Realistic, gentle animation and superb photography make it a truly distinctive screensaver. Enjoy the visual splendor of 15 fresh aerial locations, from the majestic American West to lush Hawaii.

Version 2 improves animation and gradient transitions.

CNet Review:

If you enjoy gazing out of an airplane window at the landscape below, the Holding Pattern Screensaver gives you this sensation time and time again. This screensaver brings to your desktop an ample stream of cinematic images photographed through an airplane window. We liked the fact that Holding Pattern contains a variety of images, from picturesque snow-covered mountains to more average fare such as a resting baby. This program's only downside is that it takes up a little too much of your system resources for a screensaver. Nevertheless, we still think Holding Pattern is a beautifully designed, fun app to have on your PC.

"Unique . . . . a great idea."

The scenery is real. The idea for this software was unique.

In cabin views.

"Wow... That's the best flight in my life... AT HOME!!!"

This is the first time... I'm experiencing that my computer was an "aeroplane"... This is the first time i'm experiencing infront of my desktop...

Only shuffles 8 screens... I guess...

I still think thats too less... Very less.

"One of my favorites. Very cool."

Great idea!

"View images on your screen as if you had a windo seat on a plane."

Interesting concept and the program works fine, but the plane's graphics are just OK. The basic version has several images and look nice and you can upgrade to the full version which has more pictures.

Even on the fully "paid" version you can not use your own images. It would be very kewl if you could use a few of your own personal pix to use in the simulation.

"Actual scenery would have been nicer....."

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