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  "Hip Hop, Graffiti, and Cars" introduction:

Introducing the Hip Hop, Graffiti, and Cars 3D screensaver, from gabrielmichael.com. The highly unique and collectible Hip Hop, Graffiti, and Cars 3D screensaver features bangin' music, bold Old-School style Graffiti Art, and Hot Cars. Surreal 3D graphics fill the screen, as fresh, new, primetime Hip Hop music plays, and the Hip Hop kids bounce in the backround.

CNet Review:

A PC can have many things out of the box, but street cred usually isn't one of them. This download can add a little funk to the desktop, providing an animated screensaver featuring hip-hop tunes, graffiti art, and street-ready cars. As a piece of software, however, it succeeds only halfway. The music is excellent and the graffiti well-done, but the car images are somewhat blurry. The dancing in the background lacks anything like the spontaneity of real hip-hop dancers. The ability to turn off the music is the only setting users are allowed to change, and the trial version provides only one day to decide whether you like the software enough to keep it. With these caveats, computer users who like the idea of a screensaver with its own beats might want to give this a try.

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