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"Helios Screensaver" introduction:

Do you like trippy-looking screensavers? Throw together some attraction and repulsion particle effects and some smooth surfaces, and this is what you get. It's a pretty insane-looking screensaver you're sure to love.

CNet Review:

Despite a somewhat convoluted installation process, Helios Screensaver offers enough niceties to earn our approval. Unlike most screensavers, this one doesn't automatically install itself on your PC. Instead, you must copy the SCR file into your Windows system directory. We also should note in order to run this program properly, you'll need to install the OpenGL platform. Basically, the Helios screensaver displays a molecular effect on your screen, with constant movement and color changes. We liked this program's vibrant color scheme, although the ability to customize the hues would have been nice. Still, the application does give you a number of configuration options, including the ability to change ion size, the number of emitters and attracters, the camera speed, and the motion blur. Although its subject matter may be too geeky for some, we recommend this screensaver to science buffs.

"Amazing! And I never like Anything!!!"



"this is the most awesome screensaver i've ever used"

its flashy, never boring, always different colours and shapes, screenshots of it make great backgrounds, and its never caused any problems on my pc, unlike many other OpenGL based screensavers.. its just a really nice screensaver


Summary: one of the most beautifully crafted and imagined savers I have ever seen (I seen them all)


Summary: That's about all I can say about this...INSANE! The other savers on the site are just as insane if not MORE.


Summary: This is a great screensaver. Love it!!!!

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