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  "Hearts in Love Screensaver" introduction:

Hearts in Love Screensaver is a classic Valentine's Day screensaver. Enjoy 3D hearts flying toward the sky with little sweetheart sayings attached.

Version 2.5 now works on Vista.

CNet Review:

This simple Valentine's Day screensaver will make your sweetheart happy with balloons displaying your secret desires, as long as they take pains to opt out of the included adware. Hearts in Love Screensaver displays floating balloons displaying messages such as "Hug me," "Kiss me," and "Be mine." The busy hearts are going up to seventh heaven. You can set the number of hearts displayed, but that's the only available customization option. Hearts in Love Screensaver doesn't have a soundtrack, and the graphical presentation is strictly average. The application attempts to place a bunch of privacy-compromising adware on your PC, so read the license agreement careful and uncheck the proper boxes during the installation. If you don't mind that issue and can deal with a slim feature set, this screensaver makes a decent Valentine's Day choice.

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