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  "Hawaii Screensaver" introduction:

Feel the aloha spirit every day with this screensaver of 20 high-resolution pictures of the 50th state.

CNet Review:

This Aloha State-themed screensaver certainly has it share of pluses, but its minuscule feature set prevents us from rating it more highly. Hawaii Screensaver features a number of subjects pertaining to the tropical islands, from beaches at sunsets to surfers to bottle-nosed dolphins. For the most part, image quality is just fine, though some users may miss a soundtrack. Captions telling you where the photos were taken also would be a welcome addition. Unfortunately, the program offers virually no user- customization options; you can't determine the interval between images, remove certain pictures from the rotation, or apply transition effects. However, since it's totally free and lacks the adware we so despise, we can still reccommend this screensaver to anyone who wants to revel in the beauty of Hawaii.

"some is ok"

"very nice pictures"

Summary: very nice pictures. do not like the ads, which never go away, at the bottom of the screensaver. the pictures are worth the download.


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