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  "H9KTimer" introduction:

This is a world clock with 16 customizable clocks and alarms. You can use different skin files for a personal look. It includes a screensaver with the H9KTimer window and shows the time the window has been running. You can show any GMT/UTC time zone, beats, local time, ticks, and so on. Version 2.01 has a few minor bug fixes and a new GUI. You can also now display the dates and have a monthly calendar.

"Not Worth It"

Summary: After installing this program, i found it annoying. I tried to uninstall it, but kept getting an error message. The website offered no help, and i still cannot get it completely off my system.

"It works"

Summary: I like this one. 24 hour format able to edit what is seen. simple interface, easy to use and configure and read. This is all you can ask.

"nothing special"

Summary: A better idea would be a clock that looks just like a regular clock with an option allowing one to pick many kinds of styles, colors and sizes. By this I mean if one could have his own little clock on the desk top and be able to size it large or sma...


Summary: no

"It has it all..."

Summary: This tiny program can do all I want from a timerprogram. It even look's good, but can be hard to use since it dosn't use a normal window.

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