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  "Greene's Parrots Screensaver" introduction:

This screensaver contains 40 images of parrots, parakeets, lories and cockatoos from William Thomas Greene's - Parrots in Captivity. Parrots in Captivity was published in three volumes. Volumes one and two were issued in eighteen parts in 1883. Volume three was issued in 1887. The illustrations were done by Alexander F. (Frank) Lydon.

CNet Review:

With bright colors and raucous tongues, parrots have always triggered flights of imagination. This screensaver offers 40 images of parrots, parakeets, lories, and cockatoos taken from a classic 120-year-old illustrated volume, William Thomas Greene's "Parrots in Captivity." The software offers a broad feature set for a free download, allowing users to control image order, select transition effects, and change the interval between images. Any of the pictures can be used as a desktop image, and the software allows users to post a virtual sticky note on the screen. No soundtrack is included, however. We also would like to see captions accompanying the images, labeling the birds' species. The trial version displays only a third of the images. For nature lovers or anyone with a nostalgia for pirate tales, this download may well be worth a try.

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