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  "Grand Canyon Aerial Screensaver Deluxe" introduction:

The Grand Canyon Aerial Screensaver Deluxe contains 400 panoramas of the Grand Canyon National Park and surrounding areas including Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion National Park, and Las Vegas. The screensaver photo collection was chosen from over 4,500 pictures.

"Superior product!"

There are so many pictures that each time you view something different, therefore you never get tired of looking at them. Also, I live in the southwest part of the U.S. and these pictures really capture its ambient beauty that is often hard to convey through photography. I highly recommend downloading it so you can be the judge!

"A memorable ride and excellent value for the money."

Last year while visiting the desert Southwest I took a scenic flight over the Grand Canyon. Soaring 500 feet above the USA's greatest natural wonder, I felt privileged to experience the vistas that so few get to enjoy. The screensaver helps preserve those memories and with it loaded on my desktop, I can relive the excitement everyday.

"Can you say WOW!?!"

I have never seen so many unbelievable pictures in a screensaver!

"Lots of cool pics. You'll never get tired of this screen saver."

Whether you've visited the grand canyon or not, this screen saver is a must have. The photographer is able to caputure the real beauty of the grand canyon. Hats off to you Mr. Photographertologist Man!!

These pictures are so life like, that I have attempted to leap into my computer screen several times. But, besides the three cracked monitors and two skull fractures, this screen saver is awesome!!!

"Awesome pictures from a skilled photographer."

The transitions are perfect, and software is easy to load.

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