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  "Got Neon Kaleidoscope" introduction:

This screensaver features images of common neon signs seen in bars and restaurants. Unlike many crude screensavers which are inaccurately described as kaleidoscopic, these screensavers are true kaleidoscope simulators. They use a two mirror mandala reflection system, much like the best fine-art kaleidoscopes, and they come out as being entrancing and mesmerizing.

Got Neon? Kaleidoscope has pictures of common neon signs seen in bars and restaurants. They are animated so that the signs blink like real neon signs.

"Real Groovy Man! Love it!"

Very realistic and mesmerizing. Smooth effects are awesome. This is a keeper!

I would like to be able to change the background color.

Summary: For a free screensaver, you cannot go wrong with this one, especially if you "dig kaleidoscopes" !! I guess it's a 60's thing.

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