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  "GoopyCreatures 3D" introduction:

GoopyCreatures, a real-time 3D screensaver, features an assortment of morphing goopy lifelike forms. These multicolored gelatinous forms slowly float within a 3D space, in a relaxing, hypnotic motion, leaving a trail of colorful slime on everything they touch. Periodically the GoopyCreatures break apart only to reform and morph into brand-new forms. The forms are created using a fast meta-blobs technique. The movements and behaviors of the forms are simulated in real time, and don't rely on boring, repeated animation loops. Five new forms are available to registered users, with more to come.

CNet Review:

Although this screensaver's name may lead you to expect surreal life-forms on your monitor, GoopyCreatures 3D Screensaver basically only displays morphing blobs. The so-called creatures manifest themselves as gelatinous-looking shapes that change before your eyes. We're glad to say the application offers a decent feature set. The Settings panel lets you choose between multicolored and single-hued blobs and also lets you make a few technical tweaks such as changing the voxel-grid resolution and the ISO-pixel value. Still, we think some sound effects would be a nice addition to future versions. Despite its rather simple concept, folks seeking a colorful, adware-free screensaver might take this one for a spin.

"Wow! really original, really smooth graphics and motion, just love it!"

Brilliant! Very original screensaver, really love those goopy creatures, the way the move and undulate is so gorgeously squidgy and organic, so much better than anything else I've seen, could watch it for hours!

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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