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  "Gibson Screensaver" introduction:

Confuse your friends that you are hacking into Ellingson Mineral's Gibson computer system from the classic movie Hackers with this highly anticipated screensaver.

"uhh huh ?"

"No spyware or trojans"

The very first version of this screensaver did have a trojan but the now is completely clean.

Younger people may not know what movie this is based on...lol

"Spyware alert"

Summary: Storm and I and a few other folks discovered this, just wanted to add a few notes. #gibson key is "gibson". The filename MAY be randomly assigned, haven't confirmed. The file appears to only contact efnet.demon.co.uk. Examination of the exe seem...

"Spyware or Trojan"

Summary: This screensaver creates a file called csrsc.exe and connects to a bot controlled IRC channel #gibson on efnet. The purpose of this has not been determined but is being looked into. At current time the file is not detected by AV software nor Spyware...

"That's all it does?"

Summary: ??

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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