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"Galaxy God Screensaver" introduction:

Explode your pictures into smashing, orbiting planetary systems. Galaxy God uses Newtonian physics, each pixel of colour from your picture represents a mass - giving each picture its own unique system. Version 1.0.3 may include Time speed up & slow down-Multiple monitor support (blacks out other monitors).


It's a simulator and I've always likes simulators. It's funny that it uses pictures on your computer for the scatters.

It's pretty buggy and slow. I can't get it to work on the right screen resolution so it runs on 800x600. Initially the simulation runs too fast. You can slow it down but you'll have to do that every time you run the screensaver.

"This is cool"

If you like similuations you like this - its even slightly educational.

Seems theres a slight bug on exiting the screen saver?... but still worth the download.

Would also like to see a spiral galaxy collision type simulation.

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