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  "Galaxies" introduction:

The Galaxies screensaver uses real-time 3D pixel animation to create the illusion of flying through custom-designed star systems in a simulated universe. Choose from a wealth of user preferences to customize many aspects of the effects. Several galaxy themes are included to show you what kind of effects are possible. Specify universe properties, including number of stars, galaxies, star trail length, and the initial burst configuration. Up to 50 different galaxy types can be created, each described by its stars, novas, comets, pulsars, radius, rotational speed, tilt angle, colors, and more. The latest version updates the download links for improved reliability.

"Not too shabby"

Visually stimulating and a nice array of options. In response to the person who mentioned that it would have been cool in the 80's...that maybe so...but..it was never done...and it would never have been available with this many options. Nicely made!


"I like it"

I do injoy watch it

I see noProblems

"is gooooooood"

isperfet for my work in the hospital on the program power point

nathig about

"one word. BORING!"

Summary: Come on people! Its the 21 century! This would have been cool in 1989 on a RGB monitor.

"Galaxies 4.1 is the one to get"

Summary: My favorite ever. Visually much more pleasing than the DirectX clouds of Galaxies 5.0. On a fast machine with lots of memory and 50,000 stars, it's eye candy that's like a good ride.

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