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  "Free Kitten and Butterfly ScreenSaver" introduction:

Kitten and Butterfly Screensaver. This splendid screensaver will liven up a dull day. The green-eyed face of the kitten will bring a smile to even the gloomiest man. And the beautiful dreamlike music will make you feel like you're on holiday, and you'll want to join your tailed friend and watch the butterfly flying.

"Cute and relaxing...Would like to see more of these!"

""Great for Young and Old...even the Music will Relax your Mood.""

"Animation of the Cute Black Kitten and the Purplish - Blue Butterfly; the Music is soft and tranquil to Relax ones Mood." "I would 'Rate this a 10 Star PLUS'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The only negative is...'needs MORE Animation in movement added...like The Black Kitten Playing with The butterfly'; other than that, 'I still find this Screensaver EXCELLENT'!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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