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  "Free Fire Undead ScreenSaver" introduction:

Try Free Undead Screensaver that freshens up your desktop with real-time fantastic show of burning skull. Scare your friends. Relax to the hypnotic imagery.


While it may only be a very basic screensaver without any fancy features, it IS as described, and apart from that, I think it looks COOL!!


The skull is cool, that's it though.

There is one puff of smokey fire coming out of one eye?!? That's supposed to protect my screen? Totally stupid. This screensaver could have been REALLY cool with just a little bit more effort.

"Won't do that again!"

none at all

installed, then when tested it could not find flash6 or apaper, then went onto a site selling password recovery. One very quick bye bye to that!

"Fine It is working"

Burning Skull it is fine, presently No problem to operate

You should have Background Horror & Lightening sound to give more effect.

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