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  "Forest Waterfall Screensaver" introduction:

12 High resolution photographs arranged in a pleasant screen saver for those who love waterfalls and forest nature scenes. This screensaver will function with Windows operating system and includes an easy installer package for installation.

"My Favorite Screensaver"

This is great I can't believe it is completely free. Nice work! Super images even on my High Res monitor.


"Unique Waterfalls"

We removed the link to our Photography home page. Not an advertisement.

"relaxing & pleasing to the eye"

"Nice Photos... Other versions??"

These are nice photos, but are there any other versions besides this one?

Would like to see more photos.

"Awesome Waterfall Photos"

The photos are high resolution and very crisp and clear, vivid colors pop off the screen.

The download is a little big for a screensaver but the high quality is worth it.

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