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  "Forest Rhino" introduction:

""Relax, while this Sumatran Rhino finds it's way around your screen! This screensaver shows a Sumatran Rhino moving randomly underneath the forest canopy. It's totally free and includes a one click installation. An easy to use configuration panel let's you change the setting for your screensaver. Distributed by the International Rhino Foundation(IRF).""

"I expected too much"

Summary: Non scrolling background makes you tire quickly. I was expecting rhino to move the brush not just go under. However its options for wakeup are a nice touch, and simple install.

"that was stupid"

Summary: A rhino randomley wanders around the screen for no apparent reason. It seems dumb.

"Very nice screensaver"

Summary: Very nice screensaver! even if you're not interrested in rhino's! I love the way this little rhino does all that stuff on your screen!
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