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  "Flower Fantasy 3D ScreenSaver" introduction:

A unique 3D screensaver for all flower lovers: 3D flowers grow from a seed and bloom like real ones, almost like a film on fast-forward. This is a real 3D screensaver: here you can move in any direction inside a floral scene, enjoy 3D flights over flowers, watch hundreds of amazing living plants from all sides; you can even look into a flower or lie down and see how they gently sway above your head.

Fluttering 3D butterflies will bring even more life to your flower beds. Includes 30 ready-to-use screensaver scenes. Version 2.02 has bugs fixed, video card compatibility increased. The new installer prevents driver problems (being outdated or lack of ones).

CNet Review:

The screensaver is really unique. Not only can you admire the beauty of various flowers in 3D, it lets you flight within the scene. We even managed to fly inside a flower! The graphics are praise-worthy while the light classical soundtrack contributes to the overall impression of harmony. Flower Fantasy 3D ScreenSaver offers plenty of settings. You can view the screensaver in the windowed or full-screen mode, select scenes, toggle the sound, and turn on the dynamic lightning. Surprisingly, the screensaver worked fine even on a weak integrated graphics chip. We recommend Flower Fantasy 3D ScreenSaver to all nature lovers.

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