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  "Flower Clock 3D Screensaver" introduction:

Enliven your screen! Here is an incredible full 3D setting with the dazzling brightness of spring flowers in bloom, gorgeous butterflies merrily flopping up and down the beautiful lawn accompanied by the busy chatter of grasshoppers and crickets. The sun is offering its warm and friendly rays for you to bathe in and relax. All of this in harmony with the usability of a clock and calendar makes it a truly gorgeous decoration for your screen.

CNet Review:

In the real world, a flower garden that could tell time would be a horticulturist's dream. Translated to a PC, the idea is simply a soothing way to keep your screen healthy. This download displays a clock gracefully embedded in a garden, with flowers blooming and butterflies flitting past. The quality of the 3D image will vary with the quality of your video card, although the software does allow users to control some image settings. The trial version operates for only a few minutes before displaying a nag screen. If you're looking for a relaxing pastoral view--but still don't want to lose track of the time--this download may be for you.

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