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  "Flight over sea 3D Screensaver" introduction:

Flight Over Sea 3D screensaver invites you to take an air trip over the sea surface, as if you would have been gliding on a paraglide several feet above the waves. Sit back and relax as the wind carries you somewhere, away from trials and tribulations, away from number-crunching machines, away from your boss. No matter which way it takes you, there is no ground you can see, so there is no one to distract you from relaxing.

CNet Review:

Though lacking in features, this free screensaver imbues your desktop with a sense of calm. As you'd expect, Flight Over Sea simulates a glide over open water, not far above the ocean's surface. The scene consists of sea, sky, and clouds--all reasonably well drawn--and a soothing New Age soundtrack. The tiny feature set allows you to turn the music off and set the resolution as high as 1600x1200 pixels. However, you can't control the angle of the flight, and the simulated motion made us a bit queasy. Also, after a few runs monotony began to set in. We wished for some optional features on the water's surface--islands and reefs, for example. Nevertheless, since it costs nothing, we can suggest Flight Over Sea to those in search of a peaceful interlude.

"Worth every penny"

Works well. Just starts up. Includes optional music. Also offers the option to include quick-launch and desktop icons that start the screensaver right away. I find it very pleasing. Includes reflections of the partly cloudy sky in the water and a nifty lens flair effect when "flying" toward the sun.

Just an advertisement in the lower corner displays for a few seconds at the start. I wish there were more options on views, or maybe more texture to the calm, glassy sea. This looks more like a pond, as there are no significant waves.

"Nice one"

Nice music, relaxing

"FREE Small Footprint Screensaver"

No installation problems & runs without hogging resources. Just sit back and imagine you're piloting your Lear Jet, or Helicopter to your Island in the Sun.

Some Whales, Dolphins & other occasional sightings would be of interest.

"Good, relaxing"

The scenes are a bit boring. Just the ocean and the sky. Maybe they should add some animals?

"One of my Favorite Screensavers... I Love it!"

I feel relaxed and peaceful, as I've smoothly descended and am now soaring effortlessly just above the ocean!

Could be improved upon w/ additional screens or more options... as much as I love this screensaver, blue water & blue sky can become redundant.

I wouldn't even mind paying for it if it had these added features.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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