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  "Flash Desktop Spirit" introduction:

Flash Desktop Spirit is a tool to beautify and assist your desktop, which can add flash movie to the desktop. It can not only appoint the flash movie that you like but also use a lot of flash clocks attached to the Desktop Flash Spirit, thus they are much more beautiful than the clock of Windows Vista. In addition, Desktop Flash Spirit can provide us with the functions of giving the correct time at a certain sharp time, flash screen saver and a timer which can help you to turn off computer, restart computer, run a program, play music or pop-up prompting information. Version 1.2 supports Vista and fixes bugs on Windows 2000.

CNet Review:

Add a nice clock on your desktop with screensaver and alarm options, though it appears this program has a minor flaw when using Windows 2000.

Flash Desktop Spirit has multiple skins and screensavers for you to choose, either by right-clicking on the clock itself or from the system tray. The program provides quick access to your system's time and date settings, and performs shutdown functions for programs or the entire system at any user-specified time. You can promptly launch your screensaver via its right-click menu, and instantly return to Work mode with a key press. Flash Desktop Spirit also has an effective alarm clock that can play any of your MP3 and WAV files.

Although efficient and fully functional with Windows XP, testing with a Windows 2000 platform showed that a system refresh causes the display clock to hide. Taking that issue into account, this 15-day trial application is a useful clock utility for XP users.

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