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  "FlashWiz" introduction:

This Flash screensaver creator is jam-packed with features and goodies that let you build your own royalty-free screensavers for unlimited distribution. Version 1.6 now has over 70 options. New features include the ability to loop movies and change screen resolution, as well as many other options for rapid screensaver building.

"NOT FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Summary: This is NOT freeware. You must first register to even try it. Avoid this at all costs.

"If you want your flash to be sreensavers"

Summary: I thought it was a product to "make" screensavers, but it is a product to turn flash movies into screensavers. What a letdown.

"Can't get that code!"

Summary: Just can't get the Freeware Code, maybe server down forever?

"No web site to get the freeware code"

Summary: Tried many times to go to thier web site. Page cannot be displayed

"too much work"

Summary: they want too much work and too much info before you can even test it. i dont want to register for 10 minutes to find out the program sucks anyway.

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