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  "FlashPlayer Plus" introduction:

FlashPlayer Plus is a powerful tool for playing, downloading, managing, and converting Flash files. It provides a unique thumbnail-preview utility. The Flash files can be found, played, and converted with ease. Moreover, FlashPlayer Plus enables you to create Flash screensavers. Version 2.6 improves the progressbar and adds drag support for playlist.

CNet Review:

Managing and playing Macromedia Flash files is made easier with this utility. Its attractive and convenient interface gives you access to a solid feature set. Highlights include finding Flash files with the built-in Explorer, adding them to favorites or a playlist, or searching by file name. The player also has zoom functions and lets you adjust playing quality. It offers thumbnail preview and you can set scale options to automatically fit window size. FlashPlayer Plus also has some extra features such as a Flash-to-EXE converter, a Flash screensaver builder, and a Flash desktop tool that lets you set SWF animations as wallpaper. The program also includes a download manager. While this is a solid tool, the biggest downside is the short, 20-day free trial.

"Says Flash Exe File "Not Flash Exe File""

Free - so no wasted money on this P.O.S.

I made some Projector (.exe) files with Flash Director a few years back, and wanted to convert them. This program didn't recognize its own Director Projector exe files! Piece of junk.

"I nstallation is a "trick" with Vista"

Works well AFTER finally getting it installed

Installation was a nightmare usiong Windows VISTA. The install was blocked on every attempt, yet there was no error message or warning, just said it was installed when it really was not.

Finally, after trying numerous "corrections" from Support, found one old notation from Microsoft to turn off Account Controller. That was all it took. To bad ADOBE could not have let me know, would have saved several hours and more of frustration!!


I Can Listen To Stuff now

Hard To Get

"love it"

it fixed my problem and now i can veiw video were i could'nt before and its quick and does'nt have all that pausing or skipping in the middle of watching something

"I doesn't work"

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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