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  "Five Arnolds" introduction:

Watch five Arnolds fighting for time and space in this funny and light screensaver. Each Arnold has a lifetime that rises every second. When it collides with another Arnold, the lifetime resets. Best lives will be saved and can be seen from official statistics.

CNet Review:

This screensaver costs nothing, but that's about the best thing we can say for it. Five Arnolds' concept is as strange as its name. You'll see five small green balls floating around your screen against a white backdrop touting the developer's Web site. Every so often, the balls will bump into one another; a scorecard to the right shows statistics on the battle, if you want to call it that. The only user-customization option at your disposal is the ability to disable the sound, but even when we left the boxes checked, we didn't hear a peep. If you have a penchant for odd screensavers, you might take a look at this one, but most folks won't be missing much by letting this one be.


Summary: This screen saver is stupid I dont know what was wrong with the guy that gave it a good rating. Its like having 5 boogars on your screen. If I wanted this I could of just picked my nose and put it on the screen.

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