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  "Fishy ScreenSaver" introduction:

Free aquarium ScreenSaver with modern geometric-style fish. You can adjust the number of fish, and their shape, size, color, and speed. They can even swim on your desktop instead of blacking the screen first.

"my kitties loved it. it is very colorful"

"Big disappointment"

It's a cute screensaver.

As part of the installation, the program automatically installs Microsoft.net Framework. If you already have this program, this wouldn't bother you. However, being that I don't use or want to use this program, I was quite aggravated that the screensaver, which is shown as only being 22 megs, also installed a program that's an additional 88 megs without so much as asking for permission or giving any sort of warning. I of course immediately uninstalled the .net framework, but in doing so, it creates a fatal error in the screensaver and renders it unusable. Too bad, it's a cute screensaver. The programmer should rewrite to not require the .net framework.

"Colour good but needs more fish"

Relaxing to watch

Not enough screen changes

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