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  "Fields and Rivers Screensaver" introduction:

This screensaver shows a beauty of fields and rivers. Gallery includes colorful images of mountain's rivers, small rivers and waterfalls, great fields, mountains and plains, splendid green pastures, golden fields of wheat. This pictures have becalm's effect for your eyes. Nice melodies will play in background. This screen saver contains 30 amazing images.

CNet Review:

Wide-open spaces have a way of calming the mind. This screensaver takes that Zen-like approach, displaying 30 images of mountains and rivers, fields and pastures along with a soothing soundtrack. The image quality is generally high, although the visual effects applied to some of the pictures can be jarring. Users can set how often images change, switch their order, and choose transition effects. Pictures can be displayed in black and white, or used as wallpaper on the computer's desktop and automatically shifted every hour. For computer users looking for a view of expanded horizons, this download may well hit the spot.

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Note: The review & comment are referred from CNet


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