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  "Familiar Flowers" introduction:

Familiar Flowers features screensavers of flowers with delicate and colorful images; as well as music, effects, and free desktop wallpaper. This screensaver artistically presents the delicate and colorful flowers we sometimes are familiar with, and sometimes not. These sculptured images depict the perfect bloom, with background music and wallpaper.

CNet Review:

Heavy photo filtering adds some visual interest to the lilies, daisies, and other common flowers in this otherwise unremarkable screensaver. Configuration is Familiar Flowers strong point. You can modify display order, transition intervals, and transition effects. You also can set one of the images as wallpaper and select from several transition effects, including sweeps, scrambles, and slides. The 7.65MB installer is exceptionally large for a screensaver. We also were a bit irritated that Familiar Flowers' uninstaller doesn't appear in Windows' Add/Remove Programs control panel. And while the control panel offers thumbnail and full-size previews, it doesn t label either with the flowers' names. We think that s taking the Familiar Flowers idea a bit too far. The green-thumbed and other lovers of nature may find something here to like, but neophyte botanists might want to pack a field guide.

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