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  "Exotic Orchids" introduction:

This screensaver shows images of the most exotic and mysterious of flowers; Orchids. The images included are taken in a special exhibition in the Netherlands. The pictures are high-resolution close-ups.

CNet Review:

The voluptuous hues and folds of orchids can inspire passionate devotion. But for those flower lovers who aren't quite ready to brave the wilds of Florida swamps to find new varieties, the Exotic Orchids screensaver provides a shortcut. The download features several dozen pictures of the complex flowers, with generally high image quality throughout. We would like to see a few more features and customization options provided, however. Users only are given the ability to set the delay between images, and the duration of effects. Captions that provide the name, and perhaps a bit of information about each flower would help we nonbotanists, and a soundtrack could add to the appeal. Nevertheless, we feel comfortable recommending this free download to any flower lover.

"very good."



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