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  "Europa Space Screensaver" introduction:

A realistic animated space screensaver. Look out from icy Europa as Jupiter and Io move majestically across the sky. All around, gases vent from icy fissures and random meteors burn up in the thin atmosphere. See night fall on Europa and then experience a glorious rainbow sunrise. Witness Jupiter rise from another aspect on Europa. The registered version features an extra 8 minutes animation, no nag screen, random starts, Europa ice cave scene, a spectacular shoemaker-type cometary impact on Jupiter and our own special tribute to 2001.

"Stunning saver!"

Summary: Love the graphics, has some cool touches - very original!

"Great animation!"

Summary: Wow! I love the animation of Jupiter - it all looks so real! I just wish there was more of it!

"Makes me want to go there!"

"Cool saver"


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