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  "Endless Sunset Screensaver" introduction:

A demon married to an angel opposing the sun that will never set after this event. Enjoy the mysterious music that combines two repelling creatures. Features: relaxing sunset view, mysterious guitar music, and smooth movement of creatures.

CNet Review:

With a haunting guitar track, a couple watches an eternal sunset hang over a rippling sea. This screensaver may not be a masterpiece of animation, but it leaves a good impression. The play of the colors in the ocean can be quite spectacular, although the sunset sky, with its motionless clouds, leaves a bit too much to the imagination. The program offers few configuration options, allowing users to mute the sound and choose whether mouse motion or a keystroke will stop the screensaver. Overall, the download is a creative and solidly crafted piece of work, and could make a nice addition to any desktop.


Nice to have on your screen as a summer-time screensaver.

The guitar player is a bit dorky, but not enough to make me want to delete it.

"Awesome And Free."

Nice music. Nice animation of the two charecter that star in it.

Could have had better wave animation, but it's still better than 99% of the screensavers out there.


Lovely to lookat at visualy, tells a story in iteself. Wonderful art and has been animated accordingly. And the music fits perfectly!

Tell us the song names!


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