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"EndCornerSaver" introduction:

EndCornerSaver turns your favorite image and music files into a personal screensaver that plays background sounds while displaying your image files. It supports BMP, JPG, and GIF files for images and MP3, MID, and WAV files for music.

"It locks up!"

Summary: The product is easy to use, but I had to download a program from microsoft to get it working. (vb editor) After a couple of days, I started having problems with it, especially when I took the music off. I found that you cannot have the saver running...


Summary: no

"It locked up my computer"

Summary: It locked up my computer. I couldn't get it off the screensaver. No matter how long I set the change delay, it zipped through them like 2 a second.

"nice program! a+"

Summary: only downside is that program logo comes up in savebut why not plug your product:)

"cool holds it own for free software"

Summary: I had this one before and it is almost as good as e-motional images but hey this is free it's mines. and the other only gives you 6 days. and they want 20 bucks...kms

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