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  "Electric Art Screensaver" introduction:

The Electric Art Screensaver produces intriguing computer-generated artwork that will keep you waiting to see what it can come up with next. Every picture is totally unique, and can be used to create desktop wallpaper for your computer. Images can be saved to a gallery folder. You can customize how the patterns are drawn to suit your preference.

CNet Review:

Unique kaleidoscopic images fill your desktop when you install Electric Art Screensaver. Not only does the program open the Display window to the Screen Saver tab when it finishes so you can preview the screensaver immediately, you also can launch the screensaver from the Start menu. The screensaver offers numerous settings, including what kind of symmetry you like best, how long the final image displays, and what style background should be used. You even can set the screen resolution and brightness, rarely seen in similar programs. Any images can be turned into wallpaper. A small, unobtrusive nag notice appears occasionally. The abstract appeal of Electric Art Screensaver would suit home or office use.

"The Best Screensavers on the Web!"

Everything! All of Andrew Weiser Screensavers are beautiful and you cant go wrong with any of his Screensavers. His backup service is excellant. Highly recommendable.


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