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  "Egypt Dings" introduction:

"Egypt Dings is remarkable and beautiful animation originally based upon Egyptian and Merotic font styles (called 'dings'). They have been transformed into full vector animation - a movie of rich color and unique style evoking gentle and ancient mysteries. Imagine hieroglyphs coming to life in stunning full screen color - journey down the Nile to enter tombs of mystery or watch as Pharaoh awakens from his long slumber. This movie also features a beautiful and relaxing sound track from the album, 'All Our Ancestors' by British ambient group Tuu."


Summary: Well worth the 12 bucks. Art and sound combine for a true relaxing experience. Try it.

"Great Expectations"

Summary: I had no great expectations- seen one screensaver seen em all, but my son emailed me that I should at least try this one. 5 stars in my modest opinion- smooth graphics, calming music- the perfect accoutrement for any computer in a home (or office). ...

"You've gotta get it!"

Summary: "Egypt Dings" is one gorgeous screensaver--the colors are vibrant, the transitions awesome, the music hypnotic. This work of art changes the way my world feels--in fact, it's so beguiling that I look forward to my computer's naps!

"There are hardly words to describe the beauty of this screensaver"

Summary: I love screensavers. I have been using them since the days of dos and when we really did need screen savers to protect our screens. This one is without a doubt my favorite. It is an original and captivating. The graphics and the music are mesmeriz...

"Would definitely recommend"

Summary: Although not sure what I was expecting, Egypt Dings is a very entertaining and eventful screensaver, even in the trial version! I would definitely recommend this one to others interested in Egypt, history, and good background music!

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